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Born in 1955 in the small prairie town of Winkler, MB., David Banman has a masters degree in philosophy and has been a primary grade teacher for 34 years.

Don't Lick The Flagpole is his first inspirational work. Look for Little Red Wagon: Examining the First Principles of Learning.


Dont Lick The Flagpole - A Spiritual Quest for Meaning, Identity & Purpose

A Spiritual Quest for Meaning, Identity & Purpose

Dont Lick The Flagpole - Book

Does life often seem to be little more than a series of disappointments and frustrations? Are you exhausted by the relentless pursuit of happiness and fulfillment, always coming up just short? In those quiet times in the dark depths of night, do you allow yourself the question, “Why am I here?”

If these questions hit a nerve, crack open this book and discover what you’ve been seeking all this time. Stay the course, and you will find a full and abundant life founded on the truth of your identity and purpose, unfettered by the whims of circumstance. Suspend your prejudices, judgments, and allegiances for a moment and allow the light of God’s truth to enter your life. Be forever transformed as you learn to express the wonders and glories of God’s kingdom by simply being who God created you to be!

Book Reviews

"If Jesus brought his Kingdom down to earth, then why do we live as if it's still up in heaven? If the born again have indeed inherited eternal life, then why do we continue living as if we are waiting for it to start? If you've ever wondered about such questions, then Don't Lick the Flagpole by David Banman will prove a worthy read, whether you've ever been tempted to lick one or not! The author's expose on spiritual identity will add great meaning to the reader's personal sense of purpose."

Pastor Derek Lehman (B.A.; M.Div.); Manitou, MB

Little Red Wagon - Title


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